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Individual Collection


For the idividual who likes to cook in style. A whole set for cooking practically anything you can imagine (well almost). Show off your cooking in style, having a friend over? Or cooking for a date? A Sunday roast for your mum? Even putting on an evening for friends? You won't go far wrong with this collection.

Collection includes:
Shallow twin handle casserole 20cm
Elite Saute (with removable handle) 24cm
Twin handle deep casserole 20cm
Grill (with removable handle) 28cm x 28cm
Saucepan (fixed handle) 14cm
Roasting pan 25cm x 20cm
Cast lids 20cm & 24cm
Mixing bowl 1.5l
Pyrex steamer 20cm
Savarin 20cm
Sauce Spoon
Small spoon
Crafond cleaner
Batter knife
Pot holders